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When you purchase our coffee, you aren’t just helping our brand grow, you're supporting jobs in a rural community and contributing to education across the Dominican Republic.

We provide higher quality, better tasting coffee than your typical café or grocery store brand. Our coffee is cultivated in the central mountain region of the Dominican Republic, known for its red, iron-rich volcanic soil. These mountains are the highest elevation in the Caribbean. To ensure the highest quality coffee, we hand-sort out the best coffee beans brought to the factory for the Café Carrizal brand, and we are exporting to the United States for the first time. 

Members of our nonprofit farmers' cooperative use a sustainable mixed-farming technique that keeps the soil enriched, allows for subsistence farming and varied crop production for local markets. There are also over 160 farms hosting bee colonies that contribute to a healthy relationship between farmers and the environment. The coop owns and operates a factory that gives equitable prices, health insurance and materials to farmers in the region. 

The farmers who founded this brand are 4th and 5th generation descendants of coffee farmers Antonio Rodriguez and his son Arturo, pictured above. They founded the village of Carrizal in this region 120 years ago, and today our family lives on the same plot of land where the first house in Carrizal was built. We have been involved in nonprofit work in our community since 2008. Since then, we have built aqueducts for clean water, organized trash pickups, held yearly environmental education camps for youth, built homes and donated food and medicine to members of our community. We plan to donate 5 percent of our profits to an educational program that has been sponsored by the Dominican Minister of Education, with the goal of decreasing illiteracy not just in our region, but across the country. This is Coffee with a Purpose.